I’ve been asked to appear on the Cultaholic Classic Raw Review series on the Cultaholic podcast  feed.  The podcast is hosted by Tom Campbell and Justin Henry.  These appearances came about as I would listen to the podcast and do photoshops of some of the random things Tom and Justin would talk about, below are links to the episodes that I’ve appeared on.

Thanks to all the team at Cultaholic for having me on there….

Reviewing an episode of Monday Night Raw that took place on my 18th birthday!

Cultaholic Classic Raw Review | Episode #64 May 23, 1994

Antoher watchalong, this one for Sunday Night Slam Special which took place just before Summerslam 1994…

Cultaholic Classic Raw Review | Episode #75 August 21, 1994

A review of Monday Night Raw just days before the Survivor Series PPV which took place 2 days later

Cultaholic Classic Raw Review #86 | November 21st, 1994

The 2 year anniversary show of Monday Night Raw from 9th January 1995

Cultaholic Classic Raw Review #91 | January 9th 1995